Wednesday, 23 March 2011

TTDI residents prefer MRT underground

Originally posted in the Star on the 26th of February 2011
I WRITE in support of ‘Unite for a better MRT’ (The Star, Feb 24) for the authorities to consider constructing the MRT underground.
The cost of construction is said to be more than double compared with the overhead one but in the long run the benefits will be substantial. Please give it due consideration.
I live in Pinggir Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), at the section where the MRT will most likely run parallel to my house.
My neighbours and I will face the brunt of the noise and environmental pollution that comes with this possible route.
I think it is very unkind and thoughtless to call us selfish, anti-development and anti-progress. Most of my neighbours (many are senior citizens) have contributed in many ways to the progress and success of Malaysia.
If going underground for MRT is NOT an option, can the authorities consider re-allocating us elsewhere in the TTDI area? This is a win-win situation.
The MRT can acquire the existing area of our houses to convert to carparks, condominiums, shops and gardens.
Progress will be visible and blooming and we, the residents, will be spared the unbearable pollution and remain happy Malaysians.
Go 1Malaysia!
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  1. I live in Bangsar Puteri and will be facing the same situation and even worse, the trains will be taking a corner and braking right in front of our apartments before going into the station.

    SPAD assured us that there will be no land acquisition, but, what will the quality of our lives be during the construction and when the MRT is up and running every 1.8 minute?