About Us

Welcome to our site!

KVMRT Watch does not represent a specific constituency nor does it have 'members.' The site and its petition were set up to work closely with the local Residents Associations to form a coalition of support for having an underground MRT. The online petition started on the 19th of February 2011. Following a meeting on the 28th of February with the RA's from Bandar Utama, Kota Damansara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Damansara Kim and Damansara Utama we will begin collecting physical petitions for this cause this week. 

We took the initiative to set up the blog and its petition site after we noticed that most RAs are working independently and might have conflicting goals with respect to the KVMRT project. It is our personal belief that it would be for more effective if all residents can rally around a common cause. An underground MRT is something that all residents can support.

The current list of concerns reflected in most newspapers and various sites on the internet show a concern for three basic issues - the economic, social and environmental impact of an elevated MRT line which will run along major highways and through different housing communities. Residents who will live along the elevated MRT line have legitimate fears of how it will affect the quality of their life. We believe that having the MRT line underground is a reasonable solution for this situation. We acknowledge the obvious issue of higher costs of construction but we believe that in the long run an underground MRT line will benefit the nation environmentally, socially and yes, even economically. 

We will be working closely with the RAs mentioned above and any other RA that wishes to work with us to garner enough signatures for our cause. SPAD has given the public 3 months from the 13th of February to provide a opinions and suggestions for the Klang Valley MRT project. Our submission in partnership with the RA's will be to push the MRT line underground. 

Join us as we unite for a better MRT for the Klang Valley!